The BD² Integrated Network is a collaborative longitudinal study with an initial focus on people with bipolar I. The study design and infrastructure prioritize rapid implementation of research findings to improve treatment for all those living with bipolar disorder.

Participants will be monitored according to a common research protocol as part of their ongoing clinical care over five years. They will benefit from research discoveries that will be rapidly integrated into the network to improve treatment. This novel approach will yield unprecedented improvements in care for all living with bipolar disorder through improved data collection and real-time analysis.

Funding opportunities include:

Site Recruitment

We will be recruiting up to six research sites to partner in building a collaborative and engaged network of clinicians, scientists, and people with bipolar disorder to transform research and care.

We are currently reviewing prescreening applications. Sign up for Thrive Updates for the latest news and information.


Clinical Coordinating Center

We will be recruiting a partner to provide clinical research support including diagnostic assessment of all participants, clinician training, and study oversight across all sites.

Applications due: January 6, 2023

Data Coordinating Center and Repository

We will be identifying a Data Coordinating Center to provide technical and logistical support to sites participating in the Integrated Network and to build and maintain a custom resource to facilitate clinical and research data sharing as well as rapid insights for improved care.

We are currently reviewing proposals for grant awards in spring 2023. Sign up for Thrive Updates for the latest news and information.

Submit a Proposal

BD² invites clinical research teams to join the Integrated Network for Bipolar Disorder. Applications must demonstrate ability to capture in-depth, longitudinal clinical and scientific data combined with mechanisms and commitment to improve clinical care.

Our commitment to open science invites researchers to access and expand upon new findings, accelerating the process of discovery across the entire bipolar disorder research landscape.