Centralized Coordinated Data

Unifying data and care through coordinated, centralized services for continuous improvement.

Foundational to the effort is the networking of information and people across partner sites. Several centralized cores create shared resources and standardize clinical and data processes, including administration of psychological assessments, data capture, governance, and distribution. Providing clinicians access to standardized, in-depth information on their patients.

These centralized services include a Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC), centralized biosample processing and storage, Data Coordination Center (DCC), and a Centralized Data Repository (CDR).

Through the implementation of fluid knowledge sharing, these cores will accelerate the field’s ability to develop and improve the guidelines and teachings for all bipolar clinicians both within and beyond the network.

Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC)

Centralized psychological assessments and research coordination to capture data that is consistent, complete, and comparable across sites.

Data Coordination Center (DCC)

Aggregation, harmonization, and analysis of data across sites and modalities to power discovery.

Centralized Data Repository (CDR)

Creation of a single source of truth that facilitates efficient and effective access to program-generated data.

Open Science

Our commitment to open science invites researchers to access and expand upon new findings, accelerating the process of discovery across the entire bipolar disorder research landscape.