Longitudinal Cohort Study

A first-of-its-kind undertaking that is transforming the understanding of bipolar disorder, its trajectory, and person-to-person variability by engaging 4,000 participants to gather multifaceted data over at least 5 years.

The BD² Integrated Network longitudinal cohort provides partner sites with an opportunity to integrate clinical, behavioral, and biological data from participants to gain new insights into illness trajectory and treatment response. The range and cadence of data captured will reflect the complexity of the illness and its dynamic nature, allowing for a more complete understanding of the disorder and a path toward precision care.

Investigators at our partner sites will be dedicated not only to improving the standards of care for people with bipolar disorder, but also challenging the status quo to advance scientific understanding.

Open Science

Our commitment to open science invites researchers to access and expand upon new findings, accelerating the process of discovery across the entire bipolar disorder research landscape.