Through a coordinated approach to research and clinical care, the BD² Integrated Network combines the power of discovery with accelerated translation of findings to care.

Recognizing an urgent need to drive progress in bipolar disorder research and care, BD² is gathering an unprecedented depth of information from people with bipolar disorder to effectively lift the ceiling on our current understanding, create new treatment options, and drive a path towards wellness for all.

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Integrated Network components include:

Learning Health Network

Informed by best clinical practices and novel, in-depth knowledge, BD² is engaging a core team of clinicians and researchers to drive improved care. This team will provide on-the-ground, near-real-time changes in clinical care based on outcomes seen within the network.

Longitudinal Cohort Study

The BD² Integrated Network longitudinal cohort study is collecting in-depth clinical, cognitive, imaging, and physiological data, and will share it across clinical care sites to transform our understanding of the trajectory and heterogeneity of bipolar disorder.

Centralized Coordinated Data

The use of several centralized services creates shared resources and standardize clinical and data processes across partner sites, including administration of psychological assessments, data capture, governance, and distribution.

BD² Integrated Network Infographic

In partnership with clinicians and researchers, people with bipolar disorder and their caregivers, the Integrated Network interweaves a longitudinal cohort study with a learning health network. The result is a system that supports continual advancement in understanding and improvements in care.