BD² is a collective force transforming what we know about and how we treat bipolar disorder. It’s a commitment to the 40 million people living with bipolar disorder, those not yet diagnosed, and their loved ones.

The BD² Approach

BD² takes a collaborative and continuous learning approach to bipolar disorder research. We’re working to accelerate the translation of discoveries to improved clinical care. 

Breaking down barriers for breakthroughs

Our comprehensive, hypothesis-driven approach is designed to break down barriers between innovation, scientific findings, and clinical care. Learn about our integrated model and current and future funding opportunities.

The Baszucki, Brin, and Dauten families provided the initial funding and united with the Milken Institute to create BD² to advance discoveries for families like theirs.

For too long, there have been limited breakthroughs in the study and treatment of bipolar disorder due to lack of collaboration and funding. It’s time for a new approach.

BD² brings together researchers, clinicians, philanthropists, and people with lived experiences to help all people living with bipolar disorder thrive. We welcome new philanthropic investors and partners to realize this vision.