BD² aims to close a fundamental gap in science’s understanding of the genetic mechanisms of bipolar disorder.

Compared to other mental health disorders such as schizophrenia or major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder has far less available genetic data, which has hindered our understanding of the disorder, leading to ineffective interventions.

The BD² Genetics Platform will collect and perform genetic sequencing on one of the largest and most diverse populations of people with bipolar disorder. The program will sequence more than 30,000 samples from people with bipolar disorder from Africa, Central America, South America, and Asia. We will also sequence samples from individuals enrolled in the BD² Integrated Network.

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, in collaboration with UCLA and the New York Genome Center have been selected to create the BD² Genetics Platform.

Open Science

Our commitment to open science invites researchers to access and expand upon new findings, accelerating the process of discovery across the entire bipolar disorder research landscape.